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Jun 22, - SAP ECC-BW interface: IDOCs/TRFCs were stuck in source systemSAP ECC-BW 1 The performance issue – BW IDOCs/TRFCs stuck in ECC system Why was a worry free interface giving us the problem then? and significant increase of logical read with top SQL operation like updating and inserting.

How to setup a trusted RFC connection between SAP systems: a step-by-step guide

Sap bw error when updating idocs in source system

Sap bw error when updating idocs in source system

If the tests above indicate no duplicate listeners between different DataStage systems, there can still be a duplicate listener within the same system. New records T-code tables: Depends on client what they use. Please refer to my posting index page. User talks to Level 1 helpdesk and they raise ticket. Sap bw error when updating idocs in source system

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How to setup a trusted RFC connection between SAP systems: a step-by-step guide